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Enjoy finding your wedding entertainment

Choosing the perfect wedding entertainment in Perth

Ask yourself these 6 questions

What are my favorite 10 songs ever?

What does my ideal wedding look like?

What songs make me want to dance the second I hear them?

Which songs bring back awesome memories of growing up?

What are my parents favorite songs?

Where did all my old favorite CD collection go?

Exploring the perfect wedding songs for you on your Wedding day can be fun and a great down memory lane! Some obvious tips are to look at your ipod list, or most listened on Spotify or youtube. Oh, what about your dusty CD collection… but ask yourself these 6 questions above and see what comes up!

It will also get you thinking about the type of entertainment you might want. A Band or a DJ? Do you like to hear unique versions of songs or do you love hearing the original artist play them. Often a combination is the perfect kind of variety that’s needed to send you and your guests down an amazing musical journey on that special day!

And why can’t you have both! At Groove Night Avenue we have tailored all of our Wedding packages around just that. The best of both world! DJ and live music combinations. A popular option is that stunning feature live acoustic music for dining and pre dinner drinks and heroic DJ sets for party! Or for those that love classics to party then our Live trio hits the spot like you wouldn’t believe. Regardless of the option we know that there is always room for the DJ and it is a crucial dynamic to nail. I myself realized the importance of this element around 9 years ago and it surely led me on a mission to find the perfect wedding entertainment… And the truth is it is different for every bride and groom taking the plunge and that is a beautiful thing!

To find your perfect wedding entertainment in Perth starts with understanding your own music tastes. You also need to consider the style and different types of music that are going to inspire your guests to dance and celebrate. The main contributor to this is the entertainment. This needs to be of the highest importance and should not be left to chance. Its not so hard it just takes a little bit of preparation to understand what your ideal situation would look like. I recommend starting with the 6 above questions and seeing where that leads… you will be sure to be inspired and in the right mind frame to go searching!

Wedding Entertainment Perth

Wedding Entertainment in Perth

At that point you are ready to start discussing your ideas with potential DJ’s… In that first conversation you will learn a lot about how your ideas will be articulated on the day and if your perspective DJ is on the same page. The best DJ is on your team… he is working for you to get what you want and starting to design a plan around entertaining your guests in the best possible way. A Wedding DJ knows that every Wedding is different and he will want to get to know you better. If he does not seem interested in what you want then keep looking!
Personality shines through in all areas…your wedding DJ will be part of your celebration and you will be communicating with one another leading up to the big day… U want to be confident, relaxed and hell u want to enjoy it! This is a once in a lifetime event so have a blast!… Get creative!!…and most importantly enjoy the process!!!

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